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Why to Use Infrared Light to Measure Blood Sugar?

The human eye is able to see the light, which is generally called "visible light". The visible light ranges from violet to blue over the green to yellow to the red light. The visible light covers only a small portion of the entire light spectrum.

The violet light has very short wavelengths. If you go up the spectrum to the green light the wavelengths grow larger. Finally then the red light is reached. It has the longest wavelengths, which can still bee seen by the human eye.

If the wavelength is a little bit larger than the red light, then the human eye can not see this light. The wavelengths in this area are called near-infrared wavelengths. We are reached by much more near-infrared light than the visible light from the sun. We however, do not realize that, because you just can not see it. You can feel this light only as thermal radiation.

The infrared transmitter and IR receiver you know from your TV remote control works with this principle..

Each time you press a button on your TV remote control, a light beam of invisible near-infrared light flashes. The receiver that is  built into your TV set responds to this near-infrared light and changes the channel or the volume.

A very important finding of the researchers was, that several different types of glowing emanate from a subject, simply by sending light through an object.

For example, causes the presence of fat in the human body a unique glowing on his way in a certain part of the spectrum of near-infrared light. You can not see this glowing, but you can measure this with optical measuring instruments.

Fortunately, also the presence of sugar in the blood  generates such a special glowing.  Blood sugar  or glucose as  chemists call it causes a pecific, unique glowing. The researchers say that glucose has a certain "optical signature."


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