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Is it Difficult to Discern the "Optical Signature" of Glucose Injury Free?

It has been shown, that all organic components of our body, such as fat, protein, glucose or water  have their unique pattern of optical energy at different near-infrared wavelengths.

These patterns can be compared with the patterns of fingerprints of the people. There are no two people with the same fingerprint. Likewise, there is no two organic substances, which have the same optical signature. Therefore, the optical signatures can be used as a key for the detection and the determination of the glucose content.

The problem is, however, that there is not much glucose in the human body. Based on the weight a blood sugar level of eg. 120 mg / dl , ( 6,7mmol )
means 0.120% of the total amount of blood is glucose.

That's a pretty tiny amount, and because it's a pretty tiny amount, so the optical signature of glucose is very dark and difficult to see. It is particularly difficult because 99% of the body consist of a combination of fat, water and protein, causing an almost overwhelming brightly illuminated optical signature.

These overlapping signatures aim to hide the optical signature of glucose and make the measurement very difficult.




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