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Dear visitors.
I hope you know the saying:
"What bread I eat, what song I sing."
Or translated into New English :
"I sing the song of the person from whom I get my bread."
Or plain language:
"I represent the opinion of the person who pays me for it".
Diabetiker-Mailbox is independent of sponsors, advertisers and other sponsors and donors.
Therefore independent health tipps Diabetiker-Mailbox.
All costs for maintenance of this information system I carry therefore for decades myself.

Purpose of this page is:
Sharing EXPERIENCES for your physical and mental health even with diabetes.
From my life with type 1 diabetes.

I developed type 1 diabetes in 1955 at the age of one and a half as a result of smallpox vaccination.

You can find pictures of the equipment that was available for treatment at that time in my collection of articles under the section :

The chance to be fit for life even with diabetes.
(At the present time only in german language, but the pictures there speak their own language)

If you want you can profit from my wealth of experience. For questions I would like to take enough time for you.

Therefore please send inquiries first by email. Then we can make an appointment, if you want.
My diabetes was a good teacher for me. I have learned that there are different ways of thinking.

It is easier to think down the hill, especially in hypoglycemia when you are not fit.
It requires more effort to think up the mountain, which is only possible when you are fit.

Thinking badly about others, with the corresponding bad feelings, was tantamount to derailed blood sugar for me. By that I mean thinking down the hill.

Out of this deeper understanding, my desire for a non-invasive infrared based hypoglycemic monitor and ultimately the book shown below was born. With it I would like to share my most important knowledge with you.

 Der aufstrebende Vogel >>It does not matter if we want to have what we imagine or not. That which we imagine constantly, emotionally, and in detail, that is realized in our lives. <<

This book contains the quintessence
of my life experience

With this quote: from my book:


I would like to provide you with food for thought.

Here you can find a free reading sample

How to build a loving relationship

 There is the something I describe in this book. If you apply this, then you can do and experience things of which others have told you that you will never experience it and that you are absolutely unsuitable for it and that you cannot afford it anyway and will never be able to and that you are too stupid for it anyway. And as a diabetic, not anyway.

I give you an example from myself - windsurfing.


Picture of me.
Taken in June 2021

Think about what impulses this quote wants to give to you, and than put the suggestion into action!
latest report:Fieldreport-FreeStyle-Libre 3

Comparison with Free Style Libre 2

And here it goes to my main topic EMBA puncture-free measuring blood glucose display systems :-)
Best regards and stay healthyAnd here it goes to my main topic EMBA puncture-free measuring blood glucose display systems :-)

Noninvasive measurement of blood glucose.

How can you measure your blood sugar without this blood be taken from the body?

The easiest way to answer this question is by remembering a game, which some of us have played in our childhood. You know what happens when a flash light lightens up in a darkened room. If it is shining through the palm of your hand. The palm of your hand is glowing in red color.

This the professionals call a non-invasive examination. The person who sent the light through the hand, can thereby detect the color of the  blood, without having to hurt the hand. If our blood would be green, the back of the hand would shine in this experiment in green color.
< read more>


Why to Use Infrared Light to Measure Blood Sugar?

The human eye is able to see the light, which is generally called "visible light". The visible light ranges from violet to blue over the green to yellow to the red light. The visible light covers only a small portion of the entire light spectrum.

The violet light has very short wavelengths. If you go up the spectrum to the green light the wavelengths grow larger. Finally then the red light is reached. It has the longest wavelengths, which can still bee seen by the human eye.

If the wavelength is a little bit larger than the red light, then the human eye can not see this light. The wavelengths in this area are called near-infrared wavelengths.
< read more>

Is it Difficult to Dircern the "Optical Signature" of Glucose Injury Free?

It has been shown, that all organic components of our body, such as fat, protein, glucose or water  have their unique pattern of optical energy at different near-infrared wavelengths.
< read more>

How accurate must noninvasive blood glucose meters measure to get a sales approval?

* In 1993, the ADA introduced new requirements for accuracy. These apply to all instruments that are to be brought onto the market. Thereafter, the maximum deviation from the laboratory value may be as low as 5%.

However, one admitted that the presently already on the market old instruments should continue to be the old accuracy requirements of 1986 in force.
< read more>

Cnoga Medical. New Non Invasive Blood Glucose Measuring Device

Does anybody know more about this new noninvasive blood glucose measurement device? < read more>


Museum for nininvasive Measurement  of Blood Glucose

Pictures from devices for measuring blood glucose with infrared light.
< read more>


Comparison of Invasive And noninvasive Methods For Measuring Blood Glucose
Precision And Accuracy of noninvasive Measurement of Blood Glucose.

There are Companys out there claiming, to bring the first noninvasive bloodglucose measuring device of the world onto the market.

The first Company however who sold a working noninvasive blood glucose meter  in reality is Biocontrol Inc. Pittsbourgh USA.
Here my report.

I have made this report to find the answer to the following questions :
< read more>

Noninvasive Measurement Of Blood Glucose.

Influence Of Black Tea To Accuracy of Measurement

The report has been made by me to find an answer to the following question: 

Does black tea change the amont of  blood, in the upper layers of the skin, in a manner that leads to erroneous result in noninvasive measurement of blood glucose ?

As stated above, in my previous report ,there seems to be an incidence between the amount of blood in the skin and the measurement results got with a noninvasive device using infrared light as a measurement principle.
Apparently black tea - i.e. two cups of black tea at 11.15 AM - change the amount of blood in the skin singnificantly and lead to erroneous results in the noninvasive measurement.
< read more>


With kind Regards
                       Hugo R. Vogel

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